Business Review

A business review provides a working snapshot of a business at that point in time and usually includes:
  • Business process identification
  • Financial and operational analysis
  • Productivity and benchmarking analysis
  • Key issues identification
  • Recommendations for improvement

External or part time CFO (Chief Financial Officer) services

An external CFO provides the experience and skills of a corporate CFO for your business customised to your ongoing requirements. These typically include:
  • One-off to on-going arrangements to suit client needs, whether its three days a week or once a year. Typically, the time required to assess, analyse and implement initial improvements is higher than on-going requirements.
  • Business analysis, improvement & productivity measures
  • Unified approach using your existing professional network (accountant, solicitor, banker, etc.) to ensure every expertise is utilised for a common goal.
  • Analyse the business from a management perspective, rather than just a tax perspective.
  • Improve overall efficiency to maximise profits
  • Systems & Processes - Improve key business indicators and systems with plans to reach goals and objectives through one-on-one training, analysis and planning as well as ongoing monitoring
  • Negotiations, Mergers & Acquisitions - to purchase or sell assets or develop new business partners and contracts
  • Project management – assist planning and delivery of projects
  • Suggest measures to boost productivity, cut operating costs and create plans for growth and a profitable exit strategy.
  • Assess ownership structure to protect assets and family
  • Training management to understand key reports and have the necessary skills to continue business improvement.

Feasibility analysis

Feasibility analysis assesses the viability of an existing or proposed operation and often includes:
  • Researching market conditions and assumptions
  • Determining logistics, suppliers and potential technologies
  • Formulating budgets, cash-flows and financial feasibility
  • Formulating a project plan
  • Identifying and managing funding sources
A feasibility study is about ensuring decisions are based on sound data, processes and assumptions.

Business Development

Business development identifies and implements plans and processes to increase sales and market penetration and often includes:
  • Analysis of existing development and marketing processes
  • Identification of new markets and networks
  • Develop processes to increase market penetration and diversification
Business development is about improving an enterprise’s presence in the marketplace.

Strategy and business planning

Strategy and business planning is all about long-term plans and decisions and typically includes:
  • Identifying long-term market and business trends
  • Your current and future aspirations
  • Policies and action plans to achieve desired outcomes
  • Key performance indicators and progress monitoring


Benchmarking compares your business performance against industry best practice and typically includes:
  • Identifying what is to be benchmarked and how data will be collated
  • Identifying performance gaps
  • Implementing plans to improve performance
  • Develop on-going measures to ensure industry best practice

Management training and development

Management training and development aims to improve management performance and may include:
  • Identification of required skills and skill gaps
  • Assessment of employee engagement surveys
  • Succession planning
  • Long-term career path planning for management and staff to improve overall capacity
  • Development and provision of training programs