There are large numbers of investors looking for opportunities that are unique, innovative and will provide far greater returns than bank deposits, property or share portfolio returns. Investors don't advertise they have millions to invest, nor is there a website or Yellow Pages you can look up. Therefore, capital raisers usually require assistance to locate investors.

An investor will require a well-structured business plan or ‘Information Memorandum’ that includes:

  • Value proposition - why your idea/business and you are worth investing in.
  • Robust assumptions, structure and governance procedures.
  • Detailed financial projections from start-up for a number of years.
  • Strong cashflows and financial investment ratios (NPV, IRR, ROI).
  • Clear strategy and exit plans.
  • Risk analysis and mitigation.

The ‘Investment Pitch’ must be packaged into a succinct, informative document to allow investors to conduct their own due-diligence. It’s wise to ask prospective investors to sign a Non-Disclosure Non- Compete Agreement to protect your ideas and Intellectual Property.

Investors are wealthy usually because they are successful at something - they usually have a lot to offer a project and can add significantly more value than just their money.

Anson Advisory can assist to develop all the necessary requirements for a Capital Raise and then help promote your venture. We have a database of investors with varying risk profiles (and therefore return requirements) ready to invest in projects.


Agricultural production and packaging business - financial projection and analysis summary example, for an external investor.

Cash Flow ProjectionFY18FY19FY20
Mass of product sold (kg)84,521253,863358,394
Revenue - produce sales$2,230,202$6,698,488$9,456,689
Gross Income$2,230,202$6,698,488$9,456,689
Gross Profit$1,572,262$4,724,668$6,956,517
Advertising & Marketing$105,000$90,000$180,000
Total Expenses$723,864$951,881$1,590,120
Capital setup costs$363,000--
Equipment costs$534,750$100,000$100,000
Total setup +Equip't +interest$897,750$100,000$100,000
Profit (not incl. dep'n)-$49,352$3,291,993$4,728,805
Net Profit-$124,352$3,221,993$4,662,805
Opening bank balance--$49,352$3,242,642
Closing bank balance-$49,352$3,242,642$7,971,447
Business valuation
3 yr Average EBITDA:$3,023,066
Use EBITDA multiple of:2.5$7,557,664
Investor equity:40%
Capital contribution for 40% equity in company is:$3,023,066
Investor Calculations
Investor investment amount is assumed to be:-$3,000,000
Assuming all profits are paid as dividends. This will NOT be the case as a percentage of profits will be required to grow the business.
Expected investor yield 10%
Investor Profit (40% equity) (not incl. dep'n)-$49,352$3,291,993$4,728,805
ROI (in 3yrs)266%
(Figures are examples only)