Business tuning / Virtual CFO

Making a big difference to small businesses.

Virtual CFO

An external CFO provides the experience and skills of a corporate CFO for your business customised to your ongoing requirements.

What's included

  • One-off to on-going arrangements to suit client needs, whether its three days a week or once a year. Typically, the time required to assess, analyse and implement initial improvements is higher than on-going requirements.
  • Business analysis, improvement & productivity measures
  • Unified approach using your existing professional network (accountant, solicitor, banker, etc.) to ensure every expertise is utilised for a common goal.
  • Analyse the business from a management perspective, rather than just a tax perspective.
  • Improve overall efficiency to maximise profits

What's included

  • Systems & Processes - Improve key business indicators and systems with plans to reach goals and objectives through one-on-one training, analysis and planning as well as ongoing monitoring
  • Negotiations, Mergers & Acquisitions - to purchase or sell assets or develop new business partners and contracts
  • Project management – assist planning and delivery of projects
  • Suggest measures to boost productivity, cut operating costs and create plans for growth and a profitable exit strategy.
  • Assess ownership structure to protect assets and family
  • Training management to understand key reports and have the necessary skills to continue business improvement.

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