3 ways to drive more leads into your business

Running a small business can be tough at the best of times. It can be very easy to get caught up in day to day people, product and operational management which can lead to a lack of focus on bringing new business in the front door. So, let’s take a minute to take a step back and unpack 3 great ways to drive more leads into your business.

Today we will focus on three key areas that are often neglected or misunderstood and can have a great impact on those front end business metrics!

  1. Website, website, website!

All too often small businesses disregard one of the greatest tools that they have at their fingertips, a website!

If someone came up to you and said: “you can have this business tool, that is accessible by anyone in the whole world, it can explain what your business does, educate people on your product or service, cost next to nothing, capture details of leads for you to call and sell to, take payments for services…” (the list goes on) you would be convinced their last role was in snake oil sales! But it’s not the case.

So why neglect your very own super sales tool?

One misconception about having your own website is; it’s going to cost a fortune. This just isn’t the case. With tools like WordPress, WIX and Square Space you can have your own dynamic, beautiful site built in hours with minimal ongoing expenses.

David Green from ProfessionalIndemnnityInsurance.com.au says without WordPress he would be lost.

“Since I began to really focus on my Website and take control of my own internet presence, I have seen a 100% growth in qualified leads and 50% growth in indemnity insurance sales”

With pre made layouts and simple customisation, you don’t have to spend a fortune or be a coding genius to have a great online presence. Plus, once your site is up and running, the fun begins and you can start to consider things like a SEO strategy to drive even more traffic to your page!

Websites can be especially powerful for remote businesses who can sell their product or services to anyone but their location may impede their sales funnel. Your website can be seen by anyone, anywhere!

  • LinkedIn

Similar to the website, if someone said to you: “for FREE you can get access to a networking platform that has 610 million users worldwide and you can hunt people down based on what they do, who they work for and what they need…” you would probably hide your wallet and lock the doors. Instead, just sign up for LinkedIn!

LinkedIn gives you the ability to search for just about anything, connect with key decisions makers and grow your own network. There are paid versions which give you even more access to user’s data and enhanced search functionality, however the free account still gives you great ability. Don’t be scared to connect with people and reach out to them! It is a great forum that breaks down boundaries and helps you connect with more people, for more leads and new business opportunities!

On top of growing your own personal profile (e.g. John Smith, Director of Smith’s Mining Equipment) you can also build your companies brand with a free Company page (e.g. Smith’s Mining Equipment’s standalone profile). On a company page, you can educate people on your product and services, post articles to promote your business and drive more traffic to your own website.

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Last but definitely not least, get a CRM! It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup or an existing business, knowledge is power. There is no better way to keep that knowledge safe and secure than having a good CRM.

Once you have done all of the hard work of getting a lead into your business, it is vital you treat them with the utmost respect. By maintaining good customer notes, sales history and data, this can future protect your business and open up new opportunities to get more leads from all of your existing hard work.

In the past, integrating a CRM solution into your business was nothing but cash, consultants and confusion. This is no longer the case. There are ‘out of the box’ premade cloud solutions for every budget. The scope is nearly endless with options for everything from prospecting to account management with automated customer EDM’s, sales dashboards, payment solutions, structured follow up controls, purchase history (the list goes on). This gives you the sales super power to hunt down more leads and opportunities for your business. Some great out of the box solutions with reasonable subscriptions costs are Pipe Drive and Sugar CRM.

For more information on how to get the most out of your business, drive new leads in the front door and exhaust existing opportunities, get in touch today!          

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